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Subdivision By-laws

Interpretation and Application

All subdivision by-laws currently in effect in the Greater Miramichi Region are found below. In general, each subdivision by-law outlines the:

  • Requirements of a Tentative Plan of Subdivision;
  • Required conformance with the Community Planning Act;
  • Classes of subdivisions;
  • Provisions for lots, blocks, and other parcels;
  • Provisions for streets, land for public purposes, and municipal infrastructure;
  • Minimum area and dimensions of new lots, as further specified by the Zoning Regulations.

We strongly encourage clients to contact us and ask to speak with a Development Officer trained in this area of expertise for the interpretation and application of subdivision by-laws.


By-laws are amended on a regular basis. Although the Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission (GMRSC) - Planning Services strives to keep by-laws accurate and up-to-date, they are for informational purposes only. All new by-laws and amendments to existing by-laws must be registered with the New Brunswick Land Registry office wherein official legal versions are kept on file. The GMRSC - Planning Services makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the by-laws presented below. The user assumes all risk using any or all information therein.