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Zoning Regulations

Interpretation and Application

All zoning regulations currently in effect in the Greater Miramichi Region are found below. These regulations coincide with their respective Zoning Maps. In the City of Miramichi, these regulations are found in the Zoning By-law whereas all others are found in the respective Rural Plans. We strongly encourage clients to contact us and ask to speak with a Planner for the interpretation and application of zoning regulations.

The City of Miramichi Municipal Development Plan By-law No. 90 is also included below. This by-law contains policies and proposals that help guide the overall future and development of the City. The Plan is the parent document of the Zoning By-law No 91 and does not contain any zoning regulations within. Please contact us and ask to speak with a Planner if you would like to know more about its applicability and how it may affect your property.

Communities with No Zoning

Areas outside the City of Miramichi, Rural Community of Upper Miramichi, and Villages of Blackville and Doaktown do not have any zoning regulations in effect. However, these unincorporated areas (or Local Service Districts (LSDs)) still have basic Provincial Regulations in effect. Please see FAQ 2.2: What if my property doesn't have any zoning? for further info. 


By-laws are amended on a regular basis. Although the Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission (GMRSC) - Planning Services strives to keep by-laws accurate and up-to-date, they are for informational purposes only. All new by-laws and amendments to existing by-laws must be registered with the New Brunswick Land Registry office wherein official legal versions are kept on file. The GMRSC - Planning Services makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the by-laws presented below. The user assumes all risk using any or all information therein.