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Solid Waste Services

Local Service Districts (unincorporated areas)

Contractors for the Rural Areas – Local Service Districts
  • Joe’s Garbage Pick-up: 506.622.8021
  • Ernie MacDonald: 506.228.4771
  • Fero Waste & Recycling: 506.773.3376
  • Gaudet Garbage: 506.623.8226

This solid waste collection service is for regular household waste, including bigger items like sofas, chairs (except white goods) and also including building waste when properly bagged, boxed or bundled, maximum weight 50 lbs. with branches and building waste tied in maximum 4 ft length.

Two (2) SPECIAL pick-ups will be made during the year: once in late spring – during the first full week after the Victoria Day week in May; once in the autumn – during the first full week after Thanksgiving week in October.