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Solid Waste Services


For information on garbage collection or special collections (large items, fridges, freezers, etc…) contact:

  • City of Miramichi : Public Works Dept (506) 623-2020
  • Village of Blackville: (506) 843-6337
  • Village of Doaktown: (506) 365-7970
  • Rural Community of Upper Miramichi: (506) 369-9810
Blackville Fero Thursday
Doaktown Joe’s Garbage Monday
Rural Community of Upper Miramichi Joe’s Garbage Wednesday
Miramichi: Chatham, Chatham Parish, Loggieville area Fero Monday/Wednesday
Miramichi: Newcastle area Fero Tuesday/Wednesday
Miramichi: Nelson, Chatham Head, Douglasfield area Fero Thursday
Miramichi: Nordin, Douglastown, Ferry Road area Fero Friday