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Disposal of HHW

Do not dispose of your Hazardous Waste by…

Putting it down the drain:
  • Sewage treatment plants do not treat most HHW put down the drain.  Those which are treated, are only treated by chance since the system was not constructed for this purpose.  As a result, household hazardous waste ends up in rivers and lakes, contaminating our drinking water.
  • Septic systems are prone to failure if household hazardous waste is disposed of in them.  People on septic systems need to be very careful of what they dispose of in their system since tile beds discharges can pollute neighboring soil and groundwater wells.
  • Household hazardous waste put down the drain corrodes the plumbing system and affects sewage treatment equipment.
Putting it in the garbage:
  • Local landfills are not designed to handle HHW.  This waste further contaminates landfill leachate which may eventually migrate off site, polluting soil and groundwater.
  • Chemicals from HHW can also react in garbage trucks leading to fire or damaging equipment.
Burning it in your wood stove:
  • Burning HHW is also problematic because it contains hazardous components.  These hazardous components will add to air pollution and fallout of toxic substances onto land and water.

How to dispose of HHW

Household hazardous waste collections:
  • Household Hazardous Waste collections occur during the Spring and Falls.  The dates of the collections will be announced at a later time.