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What to do with Compost

Soil improvement

Dig several inches of finished compost into your flower beds or vegetable gardens to improve the condition of your soil.

Top dressing for lawns

Feed your lawn in the spring by treating it with a half-inch of compost.


Lightly scratch compost into the top few inches of soil around any plants that need a boost and water deeply.

Compost “tea”

Soak a burlap sack or an old pillowcase of compost in a pail of water until the water is tea-coloured.  Or stir one part compost into three parts water and strain.  Using this liquid to water plants will provide nutrients to growing plants.


Spread several inches of compost on top of the soil around trees and shrubs and mulch around vegetables and flowers as soon as the plants are several inches high to keep roots cool and discourage weeds.

Potting soil

Compost alone can be used for growing vegetables in containers and for starting plants from seed. Houseplants, window boxes and hanging baskets will all benefit from mixing your usual potting soil with sifted compost.