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Dividing-Consolidating Land & Subdivisions


Our Development Officers who are trained in assessing 'dividing/consolidating land, & subdivision' applications have a strong knowledge of New Brunswick property law and are given powers under the Community Planning Act to stamp deeds and approve applications.

Our Development Officers, trained in this area of expertise, provide the following services:

  1. Provide advice to clients on how to proceed with an application to divide/consolidate land, and creating a subdivision
  2. Processing applications to divide/consolidate land, and create subdivisions
  3. Stamping deeds

Please see booklet '#1 Dividing/Consolidating Land & Subdivisions' in the Pamphlets & Checklists section for more information.

Common FAQs

3.1 What is 'dividing/consolidating land, & subdivision'?

3.2 What are the minimum lot size requirements for a standard house?

3.3 What if I do not meet the minimum lot size requirements?

3.4 How long does an application for dividing/consolidating land, or subdivision take?