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Meetings, Minutes, & Reports

Planning Review and Adjustment Committee Meetings are held, unless otherwise specified, in the boardroom of the Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission (GMRSC) - Planning Services office. Please contact us if you require directions. Meetings are open to the public and interested parties can speak for or against items considered by the Committee. Meetings are formally structured and proceedings are guided by the Chairperson of the PRAC. Please note the following regarding submitting applications for review by the PRAC:

  • Regular meetings of the PRAC are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month (i.e. roughly mid-month)
  • If there are insufficient items for the PRAC to review, the regular meeting may be cancelled and any outstanding items will be heard at the next meeting
  • Final cut-off for receipt of applications for review by the PRAC is four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting (e.g. if a PRAC scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, the final cut-off is Tuesday, May 19)

For more information on PRAC meetings, please see Planning booklet '#6 PRAC Meetings' found in the Pamphlets & Checklists section. The agenda for the next meeting is found in PDF format below. Planning Staff Report(s) for the next meeting are made available no later than 1:00pm the Friday before the Tuesday meeting (e.g. if a PRAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 16, Reports will be made available no later than 1:00pm on Friday, June 12). The Minutes and Planning Staff Reports from the previous five (5) meetings are also found below.