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Beverage Containers

New Brunswick’s Beverage Container Program

Since 1992, more than 80% of all the pop, juice and liquor bottles and cans sold in New Brunswick have been returned to a local redemption centre for recycling.

Types of beverage containers accepted:
  • Soft drinks
  • Beer, wine, spirits
  • Water and flavoured waters
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Low alcohol drinks

Ongoing Programs

New Brunswick passed the Beverage Containers regulation in 1992 and since then, over 3 billion beverage containers have been returned.  Each year, over 85% of all beverage containers sold in the province are returned to a redemption center.  This has helped control litter on New Brunswick’s highways and by recycling our beverage containers, we reduce energy and resource use.

Tips for returning beverage containers:
  • Remove all caps and lids from the containers
  • Make sure the containers are empty and free of debris such as straws, dirt, cigarettes or trash.
  • Give the containers a quick rinse.
  • Leave the labels on.
  • Do not crush any beverage container.
  • Return refillable beer bottles in a dry case with flaps tucked in and remove any caps or debris in the case.

Redemption Centers in the Greater Miramichi Region

Baie Ste-Anne

B.S.A. Recycling
61, rue Thériault Hachey
Tel: (506) 228-3568


Blackville Recycling Center
41 South Cains Rd.
Tel:  (506) 843-2820 


Porter’s Redemption Center
1 Nelson Hollow Dr.
Tel: (506) 365-7326

Derby Junction

Miramichi Scrap Metals & Redemption Center
5653 Route 108
Tel: (506) 622-4971 

Taxis River

Nason’s Bottle Redemption Center
448 Taxis River Rd.
Tel: (506) 369-8884

City of Miramichi

Heberts Bottle Exchange
293 Wellington St. (Chatham)
Tel: (506) 773-4071 

Doran’s Recycling
390 Radio St. (Newcastle)
Tel: (506) 622-0625